Commercial and Residential LED Lighting

LED Lighting

How Do LEDs Work?

Unlike traditional fluorescent or metal halide lighting, LEDs (light emitting diodes) do not contain a filament that will burn out. The lack of a filament reduces the amount of wasted energy given off as heat. In a LED, instead of electricity traveling through a filament surrounded by a hazardous gas with energy being released as heat and light, it flows directly through a semiconductor and is almost entirely converted in light with minimal heat loss.

Green Savings With LEDs

Most LED bulbs come with a five-year warranty. They last longer than other kinds of lighting and use approximately 75% less energy than traditional lighting. The lifespan of the LED bulb is approximately 50,000 to 80,000 hours, which adds up to almost twenty years of constant illumination. According to, LED lighting can last far longer than incandescent lighting and fluorescent lighting: 35 to 50 times longer for incandescent and 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescents. This form of energy efficient lighting may initially be more expensive than more traditional types of lighting, but the long-term savings are outstanding, with an estimated 60%-85% reduction in lighting bills. On top of the inherent energy savings, there are federal, state, and local rebates or tax incentives provided to even further reduce the cost. Whether you have industrial or residential lighting needs, switching to LEDs provides increased longevity and financial savings.

Safety of LEDs

Whoops! How many of us have accidentally dropped a light bulb? All of us – and picking up shattered pieces of light bulb fragments can be dangerous. Compact florescent lamps (CFLs) contain an estimated five milligrams of toxic mercury, which has been known to cause brain damage. If you drop a CFL, vacuuming it up can cause toxic mercury vapor to be released into the air – and this mercury vapor is particularly dangerous to children and fetuses.

Quality of Light

Beyond the monetary benefits of LED lighting, if you make the switch you will notice a drastically improved quality of light. The dark shadows that appear in the corners of rooms lit by traditional means are eliminated with the more uniform light of LEDs. Not only will there be more uniform light, but you will notice that colors will seem more vibrant. That is because you can more closely simulate daylight with LEDs. This is useful for businesses like art galleries, auto-body shops, and car dealerships where minute visual details are of the utmost importance. Don’t worry though, LEDs can be made to mimic any light source whether it be the vibrant sun or a cozy fire.”

We carry only high quality LEDs from trusted vendors, so you will never have to worry about knock-off brands. Call a SuperGreen Solutions store today to learn about how LEDs can light your way to savings and more.