SuperGreen Solutions Skylights

Skylights bring a unique character to any home or business. They bring a sense of the magnificent to the everyday and connect structures to the outside world. Skylights also showcase natural light, providing you with an eco-friendly way to illuminate your space. We have daylighting solutions to fit every need and bring the glory of outdoor light into your indoor environment.

Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights can deliver all the benefits and beauty of natural light into areas where it was previously impossible, such as interior spaces like closets, bathrooms, or offices. They harness this light through an acrylic dome that directs light from all directions down into the tube with near 100% reflectivity on the entire solar spectrum, resulting in light nearly identical to what you would see outside. The light then goes through the diffuser, providing natural daylight to your home.

Benefits of Tubular Skylights

Why do we believe in tubular skylights? For starters, they can drastically cut your lighting cost because after all you don’t pay for sunlight. They also provide light to areas not previously lit by traditional lighting. Beyond that, what separates them from traditional skylights is the amount of light you will get and where you can get it. Traditional skylights can only be installed on the topmost floor and only lets in light shining directly through the diffuser, as opposed to tubular skylights that can be installed anywhere, thanks to the extendable tubing, and collects light at all times of day.

Health Benefits

Not only are there significant green benefits to energy efficient skylights, but there are also excellent emotional benefits. Human beings were meant to live in the light. When we lack exposure to natural light, we may feel physiologically impacted with depression or even with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Simply put, sunlight makes us feel joyful by triggering serotonin production. The light of the sun also helps us sleep regularly and be able to focus.

Tax Benefits and Credits

There are a variety of money saving federal and local tax credits and financial benefits to investing in these unique, green, and beautiful tubular skylights. Contact one of our energy experts to learn more about ways to illuminate your savings.