Energy Efficient Indow Window Inserts

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Indow Windows

To keep the heat out, some will draw the curtains, while others will invest thousands of dollars in thicker windows. SuperGreen Solutions is proud to offer Indow window inserts for your window insulation. Indow inserts are thermal panels that fit inside your window frames, providing double pane comfort – at a fraction of the price. These highly rated, cost-effective window inserts will give any home or business owner comfort and peace of mind.

Using Indow Window Inserts

The Indow window insulation panels are easy to use, with no installation required. Simply press the Indow inserts inside your already installed window frames. Made of acrylic glazing edged with the patented Indow compression tube, Indow window insulation inserts won’t damage your existing window frames. They are also customized to fit your window’s exact dimensions to ensure an easy fit.

Want to open a window? Simply remove the insulating panels from your window frame. These inserts can instantly transform any home or office into a tranquil oasis that blocks out noise and isolates you from the draft winter nights or hot summer days. If you want to elevate the comfort of your space and save money at the same time, Indow window inserts are for you.

Financial and Energy Benefits of Indow Inserts

The U.S. Department of Energy and Portland State University conducted a series of independent tests on these inserts. Per their results, Indow window inserts reduce noise by an estimated 50% to 70%. In addition to their noise cancelling properties, the studies show they will also improve your energy efficiency. The study showed that panels decreased energy use by more than 20% which will show up directly on your energy bill. When compared against newly installed double pane windows, Indow window inserts were essentially identical in terms of energy savings and insulation, but had significantly better return on investment, due to the lower cost.