Distributed Power Solutions


What is Distributed Power?

Distributed power is the use of power without having to be tied to the grid. This can apply to many things, like attaching batteries to a solar rig to increase effectiveness or installing self-powered light poles shat can operate without having to tie into the grid. We are your one stop shop for achieving energy independence, whether you are a homeowner or a city.

Battery Backup

Batteries are a great way to increase the productivity of your solar panels or provide your home or business with a backup should the power go out. Batteries are getting more and more efficient every day and making it easier to decrease your dependence on the grid.

Self-Powered Lighting

Installing light poles can be a nightmare. You must run lines from the grid underground and up through the light poles. This takes a lot of time and then on top of that they are expensive to keep running as they pull energy from the grid. We have a vendor in Illumient that manufactures light poles that are 100% powered by wind and solar. During the day the solar panel charges the battery placed in the base of the light and at night the light runs off this battery. On top of the solar, the vertical wind turbine will charge the battery anytime that the wind is blowing. If you are looking to install light poles and don’t want to go through the hassle of running line from the grid, this is the product for you. Contact a SuperGreen Solutions tore today!