Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging Stations

SuperGreen Solutions Electric Vehicle EV Charging Stations

With the growing popularity of energy efficient electric vehicles (EVs), there is an expanding need for widely distributed and publicly accessible charging stations.

Why Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations?

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common worldwide, especially here in the US with the success of the Tesla. Globally new registrations of electric vehicles increased by 41% in 2016. With electric vehicles growing in number, the number of charging stations needs to grow with it. Installing one for your business or shopping center is great way to stay on the cutting edge!

Financial and Environmental Benefits

EV charge stations offer considerable financial and sustainable benefits to your home or business. By offering EV charging stations, businesses, schools, residential communities, and curbside parking areas encourage the use of electric or hybrid vehicles, which in turn may raise the profile of the area. Patrons may opt to stay longer at a business with EV charge stations, which can translate to more generated revenue. Electric vehicles support a true return on investment: imagine never again having to worry about gas, oil, or coolant, transmition, or engine upkeep. Therefore, the installation of EV charge stations will positively impact the growth of an eco-friendly environment. The inclusion of EV charge stations in parking areas, storefronts, schools, or businesses supports the overall goal of green sustainability and fosters a more independent relationship with energy.

Tax Credits and Benefits

Past tax credits for the installation of EV charge stations have resulted in a 30% deduction. To learn more about current federal and local tax credits and rebates, contact SuperGreen Solutions. Our experts are available to take you through the process of EV charge installations, step by step and mile by mile.