Air to Water

SuperGreen Solutions Products - Air to Water
It may be hard to believe but, in the air you are breathing right now there is an abundance of water that could be harnessed for your home or businesses’ consumption. SuperGreen Solutions can equip you with an atmospheric water generation machine to produce your own clean drinking water.

How Does It Work?

Atmospheric water generation machines extract humidity or vapor from the air through a condensation process, which exposes warm air to a cold pipe and causes the water to condense on the pipe. The machines then filter and purify that condensation into ultra-pure, healthy, drinking water.

Where Does It Work?

Everywhere! Most places in the world have at least 30% humidity, which is what is required to run the machine. The more humid your climate, the more water you will generate. In lower humidity climates you can boost your systems performance by introducing a humidifier near the machine.